We repair and support all makes of PC desktops and  laptops Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows 2003 Servers, Windows 2008 Servers, and Small Business Servers.


Power supplies, motherboards, video cards, hard drives and RAID controllers. We carry wide range of parts in stock, so you get your PC back sooner.


Data recovery from a failed hard disk is always a concern. Data recovery service can be attempted, however it does depend on how faulty the hard disk is, and what backups are available. This can vary in data yield from 100% full recovery, down to 0% in extreme cases. 


 We can refer you to a data recovery service if data extraction from a failed hard drive is paramount.


Its always recommend to have a disaster recovery plan in place to cover total loss. Backups be performed daily and kept offsite if the PC or server is used for business, or used for important critical tasks where the information is valuable.


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